Developing Innopreneurship, Sustainability & Culture

Break free from the limitations of traditional education!

Since 2000, universities have recognized the need to extend their impact beyond campus boundaries to achieve Sustainable Development (SD) goals within communities. Yet, only isolated efforts have been made to develop a comprehensive approach that spans learning, research, and collaboration across educational and business sectors.

Embark on a journey of competence development and validation in sustainability literacy at European Higher Education Institutes (HEI). The DISC Project is not just a project—we want to foster lasting collaboration among students and educators to create a sustainable future.

Developing a holistic learning & development approach for sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Creating a Culture of Sustainability
  • Academia-Business cooperation
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Developing innovative tools & methodologies
  • Design-Based Collaborative Learning
  • Design-Based Collaborative Research
  • Hybrid learning and Exhibition tools
  • Competence Oriented Learning &
  • Competence validations
Transferable outcomes
  • Course Modules with SDG reference
  • Certified transnational courses
  • Sustainability Projects and Products
  • Piloting for professionals & students
  • Joint events and conferences