DISC meets reveal15

Empowering Sustainable Development: A review of the final workshop in Göttingen

As the culmination of an extensive collaboration, students and professors from diverse backgrounds gathered in Göttingen for the final face-to-face workshop. Over two intensive days, this workshop marked the end of a transformative journey focused on sustainable development using the powerful methodology of Design Thinking.

Having previously participated in four online sessions, participants were well versed in the principles of design thinking. Armed with empathy, creativity and determination, they delved into sustainability challenges to find innovative solutions with lasting global impact.

Throughout the workshop

Throughout the workshop, ideas were born, refined and occasionally abandoned. The design thinking approach, which provided a structured yet flexible framework, facilitated continuous iteration and improvement. The projects evolved organically, driven by a collective commitment to create meaningful change.

The workshop culminated in the presentation of three outstanding project ideas, each with significant potential to address key sustainability issues. The final pitch at the reveal15 conference showcased the passion and conviction of the participants, leaving the audience in awe of the creativity and thoughtfulness behind each project. The projects were recognised for their potential to contribute to a sustainable future.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to all participants, organizers, and supporters who made this workshop an unforgettable experience. Together, strides are being taken toward constructing a more sustainable and resilient future. Let’s cherish the lessons learned, the connections forged, and the dreams ignited as we persist in our journey towards a better world.

Relevance of the DISC Project to reveal15 Conference:

The DISC project is poised to bring valuable insights and innovations to the reveal15 conference, in line with the event’s focus on sustainable development. By combining the experiences and collaborative efforts of different educational and business sectors, DISC contributes to the discourse on sustainable practices within European universities and beyond. As a participant in the reveal15 conference, DISC stands as a beacon for how academia can actively engage and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on building a more sustainable and resilient future.

Stay tune on further development.