Torino, Here We Come!

Exploring Educational Innovation with DISC CPD Training
11-15.12.2023, Torino, Italy

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is at the heart of the DISC (Design for Innovation in Sustainable Education) project, aiming to bring innovative teaching and research methods to various study domains related to sustainability.

Hosted by Smart Revolution in Torino (IT), the DISC course is a collaborative effort involving educators and students. The main focus is on creating certified courses and modules dedicated to Sustainable Development.

Objectives of the Torino Course
  • Integrating ESD into Education: Exploring ways to integrate Sustainable Development into courses, modules, and students’ research.
  • Certification Mechanisms: Discussing and developing ways to certify these courses and modules, including frameworks like ECTS and micro-credentials.
  • Collaborative Research and Development: From conceptualizing ESD frameworks to delivering modules through Design-Based Collaborative Learning (DBCL) methodology, the course emphasizes practical applications.
Program Highlights

The program revolves around two main components:

Inputs and Discussions:

  • Understanding the DISC concept and Sustainability, especially the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Exploring ways to integrate ESD into various cross-cutting areas in education.


  • Engaging students and educators in discussions about potential master theses.
  • Collaboratively developing ESD concepts, modules, and content.
  • Exploring interdisciplinary research methods for sustainable development.

The Torino course isn’t just about learning; it’s about converting learning time into a joint development effort. Using Design Thinking methods, it provides spaces for creative collaboration among smaller groups. 

Stay tune for more updates about the course!