Bees of Falchera

“We are bees of Falchera” (Siamo api di Falchera), is a project aimed at teaching beekeeping to disadvantaged people in Falchera, Turin, Italy.


1. Challenge Tackled

  • Active community involvement especially for disadvantaged people
  • Creating awareness on bee-keeping profession and environmental subjects
  • Community development
  • Helping biodiversity

2. Target group, beneficiaries or clients

  • Disadvantaged people in the area of Falchera, Turin. The target group will include victims of domestic violence (especially women), unemployed people, people in situations of psychological and economic fragility and immigrants in need of work inclusion.

3. Solution

  • A vocational education programme on bee-keeping for the disadvantaged communities.

4. Innovation

  • Green jobs for development

5. Unique Selling Point

  • It promotes the creation of green jobs for both social and economic development of a community.

6. Impact

  • It is highly impactful since it helps the economic and social development of the community while also helping the environment.

7. Feasibility/Transferability

  • It is highly transferable since it is easy to replicate the same structure in other municipalities/regions.
Potential 89%