changeINmind is a blended mental health program offering both virtual and in-person tools reviewed and approved by healthcare professionals that tailored to the needs of each company client. The goal of changeINmind is to promote awareness of mental health prevention in the workplace. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Mental health prevention is under-represented, especially in work-related contexts.

Preventing getting mentally sick can help the individual to stay energized and might help the company to have constantly performing (and less stressed) employees.

Covid changed the way of working, employees are less “offline”.

Work has shifted to a more flexible way of working (i.e.remote, etc), but it has become more difficult to recognise the mental health risks associated with these new working arrangements

Overwhelming offer / Hyperegarding mindfulness

it is more and more common to find tools (e.g. related to mindfulness) that aim to support mental health care, but it is not easy to choose which ones are useful and valid


  • Raising awareness of the importance of mental health prevention (especially in the work context)
  • Existing offers need an update regarding the changes coming up (through the pandemic)
  • Flexibility -> digital offers might tackle this New challenges i.e. being permanently online 
  • support to navigate through all the offers and find the offers which fit the situation

Target group

Employees in companies.


fully supported, digital and non-digital tailored wellbeing solutions, based on virtual and non -virtual environment where employees can experience new way of learning


Digital tool, gamification tool, virtual environment

Unique Selling Point

unique points of this programme are the use of digital tools created with different purposes to cultivate personal growth and mental health care that have been reviewed and approved by healthcare professionals.


the impact of this programme can become very wide-ranging, as it addresses companies of different sizes by proposing scalable solutions based on the resources that can be made available.

Feasibility / Transferability

The learning offer is easily realisable in a short time frame because it is within the partner’s competence to select tools for mental health care and it will be easy to adapt these tools to the platform used

Smart Revolution:

Ms. Enrica Pautasso, e.pautasso@smarev.net

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