The project involves seven partners from seven European countries.

blinc eG is a cooperative working in the field of innovation and sustainable human and societal development. It focuses on the promotion of human learning processes in organisations, businesses and all educational sectors with a focus on learning and competence development which happens outside the frames of formal education and curricula. The blinc community has developed a unique approach to promote these rather informal learning processes. It is based on a taxonomic system (LEVEL5) which supports Competence Oriented Learning and comes with a fully-fledged (digitally supported) validation system.

AONTAS is Ireland’s national adult learning organisation for adult and community education providers and for adult learners. It promotes the value and benefits of adult learning and advocates on behalf of the sector with key policy and decision makers. Founded in 1969, AONTAS is an independent NGO with nearly 400 member’s nationwide and strong relationships with key public, private, and not for profit stakeholders across the education sector. AONTAS provides a crucial platform for member organisations to share experience and best practice, promote their work and advocate to policy makers on the value and necessity of adult education and lifelong learning, and community education.

European Innovation Centre (EINC) was established in year 1996. It is a non-profit vocational training institution, seeking to support social welfare and sustainable development, through initiation and implementation of social innovations. Youth (NEETs, low-skilled, early school leavers) as well as adults (unemployed, disabled, single parents, people in remote areas, migrants, women survivors of domestic violence) are the main target groups that EINC seeks to help since the day of its establishment by offering them the competence training courses aimed at improvement of their employability and entrepreneurship, and showing them the paths from social exclusion to social inclusion.

Smart Revolution is a consulting firm with the HQ in Massa (Tuscany, Italy) and a second office in Turin (Piedmont, Italy), aiming at promoting a 360-degree culture of innovation and efficiency, on the basis of the highest standards in terms of sustainability, inclusion and accountability. Even if inspired by an international approach, one of the main goals of Smart Revolution is to invest energies, expertise and resources in the valorisation of the local territory, social fabric and community. The company is founded on strong values such as transparency, competence and professionalism in all the services offered, a continuous process of search for innovation in order to always offer state of the art services, flexibility, and a friendly approach aimed at customer satisfaction typical of young entrepreneurs.

Folkuniversitetet (FU) is a national Adult Education Association which offers a wide range of VET and adult education training courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. Through the cooperation with other FU offices in Sweden, FU-Uppsala has a national coverage. FU was registered in 1954 and is nowadays a leading organisation in Sweden in Adult Education and Lifelong learning. Every year, Folkuniversitetet welcomes over 140,000 students to a variety of lectures, short courses or full-time study programs with duration of six months to two years. Folkuniversitetet receives a certain degree of public financial support, but most activities are financed by course fees from private individuals, businesses and organisations. Folkuniversitetet offers a wide range of adult education, both initial and continuous Vocational education and training, secondary education and labour market training. 

CVNO is an educational and consulting institution with 20 years of experience in education in the areas of Project and Financial Management, Human Resources Development and Creation of concepts and strategies. Its mission is to search for the most effective solutions in the fields of regional, institutional and individual development. CVNO is an expert in the field of e-learning on the Moodle platform for several years. The organisation has helped to establish online course offers to several national and international organizations by guiding them and teaching them how to prepare, implement and offer online courses.

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