Creative Reading

“İstanbul Gönüllüleri” is a volunteer organization affiliated with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and they have created this project in order to educate children on issues of nature and animal rights, via creative reading sessions based on a series of books, about the adventures of a rabbit named Papuduk, who attempts to discourage people who harm animals and nature from their wrong behaviour.

In the workshops, the volunteers were educated on creative reading methods, the content of the books, fundamental issues on the subject of sustainability, nature and animal rights. After the workshops, the volunteers participate in the reading sessions with the children periodically, in a municipality of Istanbul they choose. The volunteers keep contact with each other in order to share their results.

Challenge Tackled

  • The realization of the importance of early education in issues related to sustainability, nature and animals
  •  The realization of the importance of creative reading methods especially for educational purposes

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

  • The target group for the workshops is volunteers. The target group for the reading sessions, are children usually around the ages of 5-12.


  • A workshop on creative reading focused on the subjects of sustainability/nature/animals for volunteers who work with children.


  • Creative reading is an innovative method of teaching especially for early childhood education. The workshops also teach the adults the subjects related to sustainability.  

Unique Selling Point

  • The volunteers also get educated on methods/techniques on interacting with children, especially unprivileged ones with traumatic backgrounds since they are usually the target group.


  • It is impactful since, both children and adults are educated on sustainability related subjects while also receiving the benefits of the social interaction. 


  • It is highly transferable since it is easy to replicate a similar structure for other subjects. It can also be applied in any other municipality/city/country.


Contact Person (Optional):

Ms. Enrica Pautasso, e.pautasso@smarev.net

Potential 84%