Eco-Tourism - Active Tourism for Sustainable Use of Natural Heritage at the Lithuania - Poland Border

Project “Active tourism for sustainable use of natural heritage of the cross-border cooperation area” involves two partners from Lithuania-Poland cross-border area – Jonava District Municipality administration and Sejny Municipality.

Tourism industry is facing challenges these days and solutions to them could sustainable tourism development in the cross-border area, promoting environmentally friendly, nature-based tourism and active lifestyle for the benefit of human health. For this reason the project for active tourism infrastructure development is initiated. Active Tourism is a new travelling philosophy that combines adventure, ecotourism and cultural aspects of a discovery tours. Active tourism in the cross-border area will be a novel initiative, which will help to attract tourists and individuals who travel to participate in active entertainment. Objective of the project is to stimulate the growth of tourism by developing infrastructure of active tourism in Jonava and Sejny in order to increase attractiveness of cross-border area. Because of newly developed tourism infrastructure the natural heritage of the cross-border region will be highlighted, active lifestyle will be promoted through experiencing adventures that includes physical activity, a cultural exchange and connection with nature. The project will be in line with sustainable development principle as it will achieve positive effect in economic, social and environmental areas of influence.


The Polish-Lithuanian border is

the most sparsely populated peripheral areas of Europe areas of the European Union. The region faces a number of social and economic challenges. 

In order to make a change ,it was recognized that the Jonava district and Seinai have a number of diverse infrastructure suitable for the development of active tourism, which can be used to access cultural, historical and Objects.

Also, tourism is facing challenges these days, and the solutions to these challenges could lead to a sustainable development of tourism in the border region, promoting eco-tourism, nature-based tourism and active lifestyles for people’s health. Active tourism is a new travel philosophy combining adventure, ecotourism and the cultural aspects of discovery tours.

Target group

Any tourist – a diverse audience in terms of age, gender and interests.


Offer initiatives to discover region on foot, by bike or from the water. To do this, 6 common service packages, maps highlighting mapping out a series of maps and points of interest, thematically linking certain services.


Pleasures of the senses, pleasurable fatigue, Baltic treasures, natural landscapes, discovering diversity, wild weekend – these are the thematic groups that connect different experiences in the Baltic Sea region. 

Initiatives to promote the Lithuanian-Polish border region include events, seminars and  information events offering a variety of entertainment, aiming to attract the widest possible audience in terms of age, gender and interests.

Unique Selling Point

Created a map of active tourism

 Infrastructure in the region. It includes cultural and natural objects; hiking and biking routes; descriptions and explanations on its relation to SDG.


The Lithuanian-Polish border region has become an attractive place to visit and explore.

Feasibility / Transferability

Easily transferable to any other place in the world.

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