EMKIT2 - Empowerment of immigrant women

EMKIT2 is an Empowerment Toolkit for Trainers for the Development of the Social and Cultural Competence and Media Literacy for Low Skilled Migrant Women.

The EU migrant crisis has a direct reflection on migrant employment rates. The gap in labor market participation at EU level between EU citizens and migrants has increased in 2014 (Eurostat–Migrant Integration Statistics-Employment). During the last eight years, the activity rate (% of active persons in comparison to the total population) of the EU-28 population of non-EU countries has recorded systematically lower activity rates than EU citizens. Since 2009, this gap has increased noticeably (3 % points). Also the unemployment rate per sex and educational background is higher for migrant women with low educational background (Eurostat). Cultural, social barriers, low skills and media illiteracy discourage these women from actively seeking for jobs. As a result the pressure is enormous on the welfare systems and society itself of the EU-28 countries.


Improve the accessibility to pre/vocational/professional education for immigrant women, especially those with low educational/working experience, help them to enter labour market and become more active members of society.

Target group

Counsellors, mentors/trainers working with migrant women in Adult Education, employment services, social welfare offices, NGOs.


The digital tool includes best practices which consist on methods, exercises and projects that have been proven effective in the target group.


The counsellor and the woman identify the situation where she is with the help of self-assessment tool and point out targets to be achieved in relation to her individual needs.

Unique Selling Point

Besides effectiveness, best practice proposals affect work among women, native and migrant, in their relationship with the environment in which they live, institutional as well as social, and general strengthening of self-esteem and confidence.


  • Trained and employed low skilled immigrant women;
  • Counsellors, mentors/trainers are trained how to successfully to identify the needs of learner and conduct the learning process;  
  • More immigrant women integrated to the social life of host country;
  • Low skilled women and TCNs wish to further progress in their new society.

Feasibility / Transferability

It can be easily adapted and transferred to any target group to improve learner’s media literacy, social, civic and cultural awareness, which are proved to be significant elements for social integration and employment. All the materials of empowerment toolkit are free of charge and available on the EMKIT2 website for all who are interested in it.


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