EN-ROADS Climate Ambassadors

The online simulator “EN-ROADS” created by Climate Interactive in collaboration with MIT and UMass, provides the opportunity to test and explore cross-sector climate solutions and can be used by anyone freely accessible and uses real data. promote and support the usage of it they have developed the “EN-ROADS Climate Ambassadors Programme”.

It is a unique leadership opportunity where the future ambassadors learn and practice the facilitation of the EN-ROADS events such as; “EN-ROADS Climate Workshop” and “Climate Action Simulation”. Through this programme, they are encouraged to become climate leaders and lead events themselves while also collaborating with the other ambassadors and becoming a part of this network.

Challenge Tackled

  • To gain insights into the factors that affect climate change and what the solutions and possible paths are for equitably and effectively addressing climate change and achieving the international climate goals. 
  • To train new leaders in the field.

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

  • Anyone passionate about climate action. 


  • A leadership programme where future ambassadors learn how to design and lead events focused on climate solutions using the simulator


  • Climate Action Simulator
  • Virtual environment

Unique Selling Point

  • It is unique since it contains several components to tackle to become an ambassador thus trains them for the leadership role. 


  • It is highly impactful since ambassadors are not the only ones benefit from it. They later host their own events and teach others thus the impact grows exponentially. 


  • It is highly transferable/feasible since it is freely accessible for everyone in an online platform. 


Contact Person (Optional): Ms. Enrica Pautasso, e.pautasso@smarev.net

Potential 97%