Global Youth Climate Training

Youth Climate Training programme, is a collaboration between University of Oxford – Net Zero and the Global Youth Coalition, which is an organisation of young people that supports youth-led climate action.

The free online courses will be delivered for 13 weeks and the curriculum covers the areas of active negotiation at the UNFCCC. It was built by consulting 180 young climate justice activists who gave their input on what they most wanted training on.  

The objective of the programme is to give the youth the knowledge and tools to engage in the UNFCCC system.

1. Challenge Tackled

  • Giving the youth the knowledge and tools to engage in the UNFCCC system
  • Teaching the complex technical language of topics discussed at COPs
  • Providing negotiation skills

2. Target group, beneficiaries or clients

  • Youth under 35. No prior experience is required.

3. Solution

  • An online 13-week free course including interactive sessions, technical lectures and testimonials by youth speakers in climate justice.

4. Innovation

  • Youth movement and solidarity 

5. Unique Selling Point

  • It is unique since it directly addresses the topic of COP28 and UNFCCC system

6. Impact

  • It is highly impactful since it gives a valuable and useful set of tools/skills to the generation that will become active members in climate action in the near future. 

7. Feasibility/Transferability

  • It is highly transferable/feasible since it is freely accessible for everyone in an online platform. 

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