GOE-West App

The Goe-West app offers the opportunity to build a local network to bring providers and seekers closer together and to facilitate networking.

The main focus is on social life – which includes everyone in Göttingen’s Weststadt – and which events and organisations are already available for everyone or can be created through new initiatives.


  • How can the organisations and their services be made more visible to local residents?
  • How can supply and demand be better managed?
  • How can different target groups be better addressed and possible cultural barriers overcome?
  • How can we better shape local life together?

Target group

  • provider: 
    • organisations, associations and others
  • users: 
    • residents, newcomers (overcoming cultural and language barriers)


In order to better support both sides (provider and user), the Goe-West app and its backend were developed, which was designed to be both easy to use and simple to operate.

While the backend offers local actors new possibilities to make their offers visible more quickly and easily and to reach as many people as possible, the app offers residents of the Weststadt the possibility to find offers that correspond to their wishes and to get to know them more easily. 

The variety of offers can also be presented, expanded and supplemented much more quickly because communication is simply easier.


The Goe-West connects the needs of local providers (stakeholders) and residents through: 

  • easy content creation and presentation (through events with push notifications)
  • immediate accessibility of interested parties
  • simple operation within the app and the possibility of finding one’s own favourites even faster and being able to use the offer even better through various filters.

Unique Selling Point

Not only does the app address current needs, but it also offers different providers and target groups various approaches – digitisation, simple but good. 

Moreover, the app is free and content creation is in the hands of the providers without being limited by commercial obligations.


The Goe-West app offers completely new possibilities to build up a local network and thus promote a strengthening of the local community.

Due to the low threshold of technical knowledge and skills of providers and residents, both the backend and the app are easy to use. 

Furthermore, cultural and linguistic barriers can be bridged more easily and thus a stronger sense of community can be developed.

Feasibility / Transferability

Yet it is already becoming apparent that the concept of the Goe-West app can easily be transferred to other neighbourhoods in the city. Both the availability and the transferability are easy to implement and thus offer a very high sustainability factor. 

Of course, the initial implementation phase must always be taken into account, but with increasing use, these processes will become more independent.

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