Green Panels WITH LIVING PLANTS for greywater treatment and re-use for building façades

We are showing a nature based solution to treat and re-use greywater on the façade of buildings. The wastewater is purified by flowing very slowly through the root zone of living plants that includes special substrates. Among these substrates is biochar. The panels are modular and offer multiple benefits.
Our panels can be part of the green infrastructure of urban areas and next to allowing the re-use of water, they have some micro-climate benefits ameliorating climate change impacts, enhance biodiversity in urban settings and provide a pleasant green aesthetic.

Resource preservation, intelligent use of nature based solutions, climate change mitigation, improved quality of life
Target group / clients
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Architects, planers, ecological engineers and scientists, wider population
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Living green panels for wastewater treatment and re-use for installation on building façades
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Applied intelligent nature based solutions
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Green façade solution with living plants for buildings that does not consume tap water but rather enables reduced drinking water use in the building.
Water preservation, improved urban ambient and micro-climate, urban biodiversity, green aesthetics, improved quality of live
All functional technical issues solved to satisfactory level, working on economic feasibility and legal compliance issues

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