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To facilitate the planting of trees in communities nationwide. Our activities range from supplying tree saplings and knowledge supports to in-person planting and biodiversity workshops.

The Initiative has been running since 2019. We have planted with an age range between 5 and 70 years old.

A movement to empower, inspire, educate and share solutions
A regenerated drive to help the planet


A range of workshops learners are taught not just about tree planting but also about how actions in developed countries impact others.

In line with the SDGs we discuss Life on Land , climate action and SDG17 partnership goals and targets.

With SDG3 in mind wellness from Forest Bathing, and benefits of trees, the global reality of deforestation and effects on local habitats plus solutions to addresses this.

Target group

  • Home carers Lone parents
  • Men
  • Migrants
  • Older learners
  • People and/or their families living with addiction/in recovery
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • People experiencing rural isolation
  • People living in border counties
  • People who are unemployed
  • People who left school early


We are bring gentle fun, encouragement and supports in a stressfree manner with joy and kindness. We understand the urgency of societal, ecological and climate breakdown and are solution sharing focused tree planting community weaving.

Why ? To bring folk together, to create green spaces, to generate the fresh air we all need.

The privilege of working with groups who were isolated during COVID brings shared energy and fosters our our creative spark.

Since joining forces thanks to winning funds from the Kildare PPN we hosted one event in IMMA for Environmental leaders.

From this collaboration we won funding for creative Environmental actions for 5 others creative Eco Artists groups. Seeing funded artist in the EcoSpace bring ideas to 6000 for Earth Rising sharing eco ideas is novel and very engaging for the public to have a hands on learning experience https://imma.ie/about/press-centre/imma-presents-earth-rising-a-new-three-day-eco-artfestival-celebrating-people-place-and-planet-this-october/ 

Thanks to Earth Rising 70 plus Eco Artistis cocreating and networking we will also have 60,000 saplings pledged for planting accross the land for future tree parents to enjoy.

Unique Selling Point

We feel every day is a learning day and promote playful new skill shares and introductions to local low or no cost training events for life long learning.


Planting of 350,000 native Irish saplings countrywide

In 2020 we hosted 3 free Aontas talks on creative collobative actions for climate to trigger new conversations and invitations to share insights and understand how local communities are feeling about dwindling resources and planetary resouces. The free events hosted at the Cottage Market Deirdre and one other set up , ZeroWaste event in Maynooth and Newbridge library explored Wool and the Circular Economy


The Cottage Market event reaches up to 500 people monthly in footfall giving everyone a chance to meet new friends monthly.

We hosted awareness events e.g Community Fridge, Climate Cafe, fundraisers for local causes, GIY free table to trade seeds and excess GIY food for local growers sharing food and tree planting tips and ideas.

We co created the One Step up program in 2020 with atypical learners in mind.

In 2017 we invited new learners to join in the Library , the learners had mixed abilities and the carers also joined in on the learning fun



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