Developing Innopreneurship, Sustainability and Culture

The DISC-project promotes competence development and validation relating to sustainability literacy and the respective facilitation among students and educators in European Higher Education Institutes (HEI).

Since 2000, universities have realized that to achieve Sustainable Development (SD) goals, they must reach beyond university walls to address SD within their communities.
However, up to now only singular attempts were made to develop such a holistic learning and research approach on SD which also includes other educational and business sectors.

DISC will re-assemble the results and products of forerunner projects and create innovative approaches, instruments and tools in the new context of sustainability.

This makes it possible for the first time to plan and validate the SD-competence development of the learners in HEI, VET and also in informal learning contexts.
For this purpose, a holistic interactive online environment specifically for DISC will be created, which connects LEARNING with concrete DEVELOPMENT projects, hence achieving both a high attractiveness and feasibility for the users on different levels.

Our Goals

Supporting digital and green capabilities of the higher education sector

Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity

Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices