Saplinq is a civic association dedicated to the development of the LGBTI+ community and the empowerment of queer people not only in the east of Slovakia.
We are also dedicated to advocacy for the rights of LGBTI+ people and fair policies, through education and awareness we build a society where queer people will be able to live a dignified life.​

Saplinq was founded in 2012 and our most important projects include     PRIDE Košice      and the community and counseling center    PRIZMA . We also educate young people and special activists for the rights of LGBTI+ people for a long time. 

We conduct campaigns with the aim of sensitizing society to the reality of the lives of queer people in Slovakia. We join forces with an engaged civil society and together we mobilize for legislation and practice that is fair to LGBTI+ people. 


People in general have motivation to participate in activism related to human rights and specifically LGBTI+ community but lack competences. The main challenge is to provide learning experience combing not only improving their knowledge but also practical skills.

Target group

  • Volunteers
  • Human rights activists
  • LGBTI+ activists


The KompAkt format offer unique solution to the problem. Activists learn basics about project planning an plan their small community activity (a project) in a form of a  very simple application. Once the application is approved (by trainers and mentors) they receive a small grant of approx. 200-300 Eur to implement their activity. Implementation is followed by group evaluation and sharing lessons learned.


Practical competence and project based learning approach in education of activists and volunteers 

Unique Selling Point

  • Practical approach targeting all the three key dimensions of competences (knowledge, activity, attitudes) 
  • Provides opportunity for motivated young people to experience and increase understanding of the “real world” of activism and project oriented activities
  • Participants are better prepared to participate in larger-scale activities (projects)


  • Increased quality of the community of activists in LGBTI+ activism
  • Better sustainability of the organisations
  • Lower fluctuation of people (before they decide to participate, they have much better idea what it is all about)
  • Well prepared activists who want to continue working for organisations

Feasibility / Transferability

The program concept can be transformed to various topics as a competence and project based learning approach


Róbert Furiel



Potential 97%