My Boo

We build your individual dream bike in our factory in Kiel. It is not only important to us that your bike fits your needs perfectly, but we are also convinced that every part of the value chain must benefit to the same extent.

This is how fair jobs are created in Ghana. The proceeds give children in the region access to good education and a self-determined life.

Our claim:

Every customer finds his or her dream bicycle at a reasonable price.
Through the sale of the bamboo bicycles, we finance and run our own school in Ghana.
Creating more than the 35 existing and fairly paid jobs in Ghana.


We want to show and prove that it is possible to work with nature and not against it. That consumer goods can also have an educational mission without appearing outdated. That they can provide positive food for thought.

Target group



With the Yonso Project Model School, we want to give children and young people from the rural Yonso region access to good education.

The bamboo frame production has created 45 fairly paid jobs in Ghana. The school has created additional jobs for teachers, assistants, a school director and a security guard. There is also an administration office, a library, a kitchen, a computer room and a playground, as well as school buses for transport and instruments for music lessons.


We put together our seed mix ourselves with the aim of leaving as large a positive footprint as possible. The wide range of (wild) plant species ensures that some plants always feel at home where they are spread. All species are light germinators which means they do not need to be dug in. Some even need a frost period so that they can germinate the following year.

Unique Selling Point

By buying an individual bamboo bicycle you support the project: 

  • Access to good education in rural regions in Ghana
  • Chance for a free and self-determined life
  • Creation of fairly paid jobs in Ghana


Social engagement in Ghana has been an integral part of my Boo GmbH from the very beginning. Thus, we have not only given 150 bamboo bicycles and 300 school scholarships, but also made the construction and operation of the Yonso Project Model School possible.



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