SDG Academy - “How to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”

The course “How to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” is self-paced free online course by SDG Academy, covers everything one would need to know about the SDGs and how their organization can contribute toward achieving them, from their history, current global implementation, and the major obstacles they face. It is consisted of 7 modules with the range of topics covering; financing, policy development, roles of stakeholders, and more. A comprehensive understanding of the societal transformations needed to achieve the SDGs is conveyed.

Challenge Tackled

  • Education on the scale, scope, and establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals and providing the right tools, methods and transformation pathways in order to achieve them to anyone involved including the society, government, business sector and global partnerships.

Target group, beneficiaries or clients

  • Policy professionals, sustainable development practitioners, advanced undergraduates and graduate students 


  • An online modular self-paced course including readings, videos, quizzes, survey and discussions.


  • A virtual guide on how to achieve the SDGs for different actors in the society.

Unique Selling Point

  • It is possible to make use of the course professionally, since there is the option of getting a verified certificate and not just a participation one. 


  • It is highly impactful since it is a valuable guide for the achievement on SDGs and it can reach a wide range of audience. 


  • It is highly transferable/feasible since it is freely accessible for everyone in an online platform.


Contact Person (Optional): 

Ms. Enrica Pautasso, e.pautasso@smarev.net

Potential 89%