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Many people believe that technologies can save us from the environmental and climate crisis.

We believe the best “technology” is nature itself, in so many places it just needs to be allowed to do its miraculous work.

Like SEEGRASWIES, for example. All over the world, too much nutrient input (eutrophication), dredging of sand for construction projects, rising temperatures and even more human impacts are taking their toll. For example, nutrient inputs can be reduced by, among other things, a change in agriculture, which is long overdue anyway.

By stopping many harmful things, which in many cases are superfluous and do not even significantly serve the enjoyment of life, and instead heeding the many insights into the healing of natural systems that have been around for a long time, decisive major steps are being taken towards preserving human life on this wonderful planet.

In many matters, “renunciation” can even bring a gain in quality of life and joie de vivre and provide new spaces and free time that can be redesigned.


Everything is changing, nothing stays the same.

Let us dream together for a future that is worth living and viable, so that today we can set the course for tomorrow in a direction that we really want.

Target group


The use of the natural raw material seaweed as an insulating material for houses. 

Due to its ability to cope with wetness and to dry quickly, seagrass is an excellent material for insulating houses – even very old houses. 

It is pressed into round bales with normal agricultural equipment.

It is a regional material.

Incorporated into the insulation layer, it has a virtually eternal shelf life and stores CO2 in the process.

During renovation or demolition, it can be removed and re-installed or alternatively used in the garden for mulching.


It is precisely the properties that make it difficult to remove that make it a high-quality insulation material:

it is mould resistant (difficult to rot), vermin resistant, and it does not burn, which means that when it comes into contact with flames, it burns up.

flame, the fire/glow immediately goes out completely.

Fire test: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPE7brNW82c

Unique Selling Point


It is obvious that good insulation saves heating energy.

But you can also save a lot of energy/CO2 in the production of insulation materials (so-called grey energy) by using natural insulation materials.seaweed even stores CO2!

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