SLOVAKE - A multilingual website to learn Slovak

Come and discover Slovakia, a picturesque country in the heart of Europe. Learn about the culture, history and outlook of the inhabitants of this wonderful tourist destination.

E-learning is nowadays is widespread and common. Unfortunately, the Slovak language still lacks adequate Internet and e-learning opportunities. Until now, many who were interested in the language didn’t have the opportunity to learn it – instead they had to rely on summer courses (relatively expensive and limited in terms of time and capacity), or give up their learning plans.

This online platform for learning Slovak is based on the international website “Lernu!”, an internet portal for learning Esperanto.


The central headline for the portal is: Slovak for foreigners online. The most important requirement was to provide a high-quality portal for foreigners to learn Slovak.

Target group

The spectrum of people attracted to the platform is wide: volunteers, refugees, students, professionals, teachers.


The solution should only be named superficially to give an idea of the concept developed Language learning platform for foreigners learning Slovak. Platform works in 16 languages including Esperanto.


The development of an online language learning platform that combines language learning and intercultural learning in a meaningful way.
Already developed more than 10 years ago and still active with more than 1000 users per year.

Unique Selling Point

Interactive and attractive exercises that focus not only on the language but also on the country and culture.
Opportunity to network with other learners – social network.


To name a few key effects:

  • Improved quality of language learning
  • Improved services for migrants, professionals, students and volunteers coming to Slovakia
  • Better integration of foreigners coming to Slovakia.

Feasibility / Transferability

The platform can be used for different target groups.
This online platform for learning Slovak is based on the international website “Lernu!”, an internet portal for learning Esperanto.

Lernu! (www.lernu.net) has been operating since 2002 and is currently the world’s largest Esperanto learning website. The website has been translated into 40 languages and is maintained by more than 150 volunteers (translators, teachers, proofreaders, etc.).

This approach can also be transferred to other countries and implemented with the possible commitment.

Peter Baláž



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