Smarta Kartan – The Smart Map

The Smart Map is a mapping of initiatives that promotes access over ownership, for instance bike kitchens where volunteers show you how to fix your bike, electric car pools, and solidarity fridges where anybody can leave and pick up food.

The first Smart Map was created through a collaboration in an idea-based public partnership ( IOP ) between the non – profit association Kollaborativ Ekonomi S v e r i g e ( then Gothenburg ) and the City of Gothenburg , the consumer and citizen service administration . Since then, Smarta Kartan has grown to include more areas in Sweden. At the time of writing, Gävle, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Malmö, Stockholm, Sjuhärad.

By making the activities, places and networks of the sharing economy visible, Smarta Kartan wants to encourage community, new meetings and access over ownership. On the map you will find, among other things, bicycle kitchens, exchange groups, free shops, car pools and various digital platforms.


Our mission is to connect people and facilitate a sustainable lifestyle by increasing participation in the close sharing economy.

Target group

The main target groups are students aged 18-30 and people who are financially conscious, driven by desire or need. The secondary target groups are people who are involved with the initiatives they map.


The Smart Map is offered in a number of geographic areas in Sweden, but might grow internationally within the next couple of years, where volunteers show you how to fix your bike, electric car pools, and solidarity fridges where anybody can leave and pick up food.


The selection is based on our criteria. Our curation is key.

Unique Selling Point

  • The Smart Map is a digital platform that uses interactive maps to display information about sustainable resources and services in a local area. This makes it easy for users to access information and resources that can help them make more sustainable choices.
  • The Smart Map allows users to provide feedback and suggestions for improving sustainability in their local area. This feedback is used to improve the accuracy and usefulness of the platform over time.
  • The Smart Map promotes collaboration between local stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and community organizations. By bringing these groups together, the Smart Map creates a network of support for sustainable urban development.


We encourage people to live within the planet’s resources by sharing them and minimising waste. The initiatives also often become a social space without the need for consumption.

Feasibility / Transferability

The Smart Map is digital and accessible, but it has only spots in Sweden.  The platform may need to be adapted to local cultural norms and practices to be effective.


Robin Olsson
Chairman, Collaborative Economy Gothenburg
Sharing culture, communication, editor
robin @kollekogbg.se

Jonathan Mattebo Persson
Co-founder, Collaborative Economy Gothenburg
Project manager and concept developer Smarta Kartan
+46 700 10 90 80

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