Social Business - first steps together

How long has the idea of ​​a sustainable business been on your mind? Would you like to develop your product and create a job for yourself, but you don’t know where to start or you don’t dare to start a business on your own? Then maybe you want to try the participant’s chair of the peerless social business simulator?

We invite you to the SECONDARY DESIGN ACCELERATOR, organized by TEXTALE with partners TECHNARIUMAS and PADIRBTUVĖS , during which participants will create their own secondary design products and, together with the help of specialists, grow a real social business company.

The secondary design accelerator is organized as part of the project “Social Business – First Steps Together” financed by the European Social Fund .

Accelerator participants will be involved in all areas of business development: planning and idea search, prototype development and testing, product and packaging development, preparation of product material for publicity and sales organization, strategic management and administration of the company.


Around 92 million tonnes of textile waste is generated globally every year, which means that a lorry full of clothes ends up in landfill every second.

“Eurostat estimates that textile waste accounts for around 8% of all municipal waste in Lithuania.

Target group

Primary target group – economically inactive and unemployed people, aiming to encourage them to start social businesses.


Secondary design allows resources to be recycled back into the economy before technologically sophisticated, costly recycling solutions are available.

The project uses a social business simulator, where participants create their own secondary design products while growing a real social business company.


To address the problem of textile surplus in Lithuania, Textale, a social business in its fifth year, is mobilising a community of design professionals and enthusiasts to develop recycled design projects so that objects that are no longer fit for their intended use can be repurposed by reusing their materials. 

Unique Selling Point

People are encouraged and trained to set up a business or make a fashion without much investment, from what’s around.


The immediate impact is not very large, but the project is mobilising a community of like-minded people in support of sustainable fashion, with an established platform for swapping and sharing clothes, and well-attended events. https://www.facebook.com/tvarimada/


Viktorija Nausede

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Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/textale.lt/

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