Sports for Families

Children play sport, families play sport, the whole community plays sport

Activities of the project “Children do sports, families do sports, the whole community does sports”.

Activities are carried out in streams:

  • In each ward after 12 months.
  • Every year – in 4 wards.
  • In total, the project will take place for 3 years.

Regular training, dance lessons and workshops for seniors

  1. In each of the 4 Kaunas communities, senior groups of 15 persons are formed, which will have the following activities:
    • Once a week, optional exercise, pilates or yoga classes.
    • Once a week – dance lessons (Latin dance).
    • A total of 64 sessions for each group.
  2. There will be motivational seminars dedicated to the promotion of physical activity for seniors “Sports – health”.
  3. Seniors will be able to participate in mixed beach tournaments and sports events.

Swimming lessons for children and pilates training for adults

  1. The project will carry out a special activity – “Physical activation of children and accompanying family members with educational elements”.¬†Two groups of 12 members will be formed in the wards:
    • Children from 8 to 12 years old;
    • Persons accompanying them.
  2. The following classes will be held for groups once a week:
    • Swimming and water safety lessons for children.
    • Pilates exercises for a group of persons accompanying children.
    • Educational seminars “Children’s safe behavior in water and near water” for persons accompanying children.
  3. Each group will have a total of 32 sessions.


Low levels of physical activity, especially among families facing barriers

Target group

Families facing barriers


Various generations of a family are invited to regular physical activity training. Children are invited to take swimming lessons in the pool, while their parents/guardians can also take part in fitness classes at the same time and nearby.


Several generations of a family engage in physical activity at the same time.

Motivational seminars where people are invited to socialise over tea and share their good practices in sports, also volleyball and orienteering game joint family tournaments and Family days helped to establish a closer, stronger ties between participants and create the stronger physically active communities.

Unique Selling Point

The joint sports activity of the generations strengthens their communication and mutual understanding; strengthens the physical and emotional health of the family.


More than 450 people involved: over 140 children and 320 adults.

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