Sustainable business development builds a stronger brand

Folkuniversitetet in Uppsala now offers a short YH education in sustainability and marketing. The training is given remotely and is designed for you, who, in parallel with your work in the private or public sector, want to develop your sustainability work and strengthen your brand.

Step by step, we move from Agenda 2030 and the vision to long-term sustainable business goals and action plans. And all this strengthens the brand of the company both internally and externally.

We listen to pre-recorded lectures wherever we want, on the train, on the sofa, on the computer or on the phone. We then meet once a week on zoom when we exchange thoughts and ideas in round table discussions and workshops.


The challenge was to create an adult education in Sustainable business development that builds a stronger brand that was solely a distance education.

Target group

Adults who, in addition to their first profession (IT consultant, economist, human resources, marketing, sales, interior design, product manager and more), wanted to learn more about sustainable development and how to integrate this into their business plan and brand platform.


Via a learning platform, we have created a digital classroom with pre-recorded lectures combined with live-tasks, exercises and conversations between the students. Every two weeks we have live workshops and question, answer sessions that we record, and put into the digital classroom.


Imagine being able to go back and forth in time in a digital classroom where everything that ever took place in the classroom is available in real time.

Unique Selling Point

An education that you can do on the couch, on the train or wherever you want and at a time that suits you. You can pause the lecturer, go back, hear the same thing over and over again until you are sure you have understood everything. Combined with live workshops on distance/on-line.


We have now educated three classes and will educate three mote classes. Each class is about 25-30 people.

Feasibility / Transferability

We have now educated three classes.

Contact person: Caroline Hallberg


Telephone: 070–557 90 32

Potential 84%