The project “The Göttingen Book of the Future” was developed in 2021 by Joachim Eriksen, a sculptor in Göttingen. At its core, a large book made of stone is to be created with the title Future.

Eriksen does not want to accomplish this alone, but many people are invited to take up hammer and iron themselves and knock something off the Book of the Future.

  1. Challenge Tackled

    From 2021 to 2023, the sculpture of a large book made of stone is to be created in Göttingen. The title of the book is – Future -. Not one sculptor alone, but the city of Göttingen and many Göttingen residents and all art enthusiasts are bringing this work to life.So this project is dedicated to the essence of the book, in the form of an appeal to the future. A future in which we shape our environment in harmony with nature, in which those are helped who are not able to help themselves. An environment in which all people can find their place and help create a future worth living in with their individual creativity.

  2. Target group, beneficiaries or clients
    All citizens
  3. Solution
    In any case, a book called Future triggers an immense fasci-nation and urge to want to read it.
    The idea also includes the possibility of including a book-mark from the book of the future with your name and your special wish for the future.
    The wishes are collected and regularly transformed into word clouds. In this way, a map of the visions of the future that meet in the project is created parallel to the sculpture – not only from Göttingen citizens, but also from all over Germany and internationally.
  4. Innovation
    Linking art, artwork, exchange and the joint shaping of the future together.
  5. Impact
    Reaching the local community in different ways, creating awareness, collaboration, exchange.

Website: http://buchderzukunft.de/

Atelier Eriksen Rotkind
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