UNITED IN DIVERSITY is the reflection of how the European Union is being enriched by the continent’s many different cultures, traditions and languages.

VORTOJ is an educational game that combines learning languages, music and rhythm, competitiveness, and physical jumping activity on the dance pad. Pupils attending primary elementary school will learn new vocabulary, practise grammar and discover pronunciation in this new game that complements formal language learning. The enhanced knowledge of the foreign languages and digital literacy that students gained at a young age will better their cultural understanding and interconnectedness, as well as improve their employability in the long run.


The reason why we developed the innovative, interactive and multilingual game Vortoj is that we consider the main priorities of the new EU Erasmus+ programme, such as multilingualism and improving the digital skills of students and teachers, as central ideas that are important and sustainable. Multilingualism has been one of the most important aspects of the EU since its foundation. The motto “United in Diversity Diversity” clearly shows that the EU sees improving the foreign language skills of its citizens as a necessity, as it has a positive impact on their employability as well as on cultural understanding and belonging.

Target group

Our primary target group consists mainly of students attending formal or informal primary schools. Teachers are our secondary target group as they can use Vortoj to find out important information about their students.


Interactive language learning game

The concept aims to meet the need for a more creative and interactive form of language learning and to promote this learning concept through its motivational nature.


There is a significant lack of games that combine the following combination of activities: learning languages, listening to music and its rhythm, competition and physical activity on the dance floor.

Unique Selling Point

Fun, practical, easy to use, effective in the classroom

Follow the thought: Flexibility is key. The use of IT technologies in learning includes different types of activities using different devices (dance pad, game console, computer keyboard). This provides the opportunity to create an interactive, engaging and fun learning process that can allow great flexibility in developing a language.


Impact on the learning process
Impact on the learning of children with learning disabilities.

The primary target group consists mainly of pupils attending formal or informal primary schools. The secondary target group consists of the teachers who can use this game to find out important information about their students and thus adapt the lessons to their personal needs. For example, using Vortoj as a supplementary learning tool during lessons would allow teachers to get information about their students, how quickly they respond, what mistakes they make, when they respond, how long it takes them to answer certain questions, etc. Students would be able to get immediate feedback, and they might find the interactive way of learning more fun and entertaining than the traditional lecture-based approach, which does not provide the same level of interaction. A modern approach to learning with Vortoj would increase students’ motivation and attention.

Feasibility / Transferability

The product is transferable language learning, especially to school education at primary and secondary level.
The project product can be used in different educational programmes on different topics and languages.
It can be used to increase the use of non-formal learning in classes and courses (mathematics, biology, geography, etc.).

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