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WeCan partnership has worked with the group of immigrant newly arrived including low skilled women for many years in framework of different initiatives. The collected experience and results helped to prepare the basics to develop training materials in entrepreneurship for women.

 Prior to development of the material the main needs of the target group were carefully studied and analysed. According to results of the findings from the research, interviews and workshops with immigrant women, as well as results of previous projects regarding integration of immigrants and facilitation of immigrant women to labour market inclusion, we made the following conclusions. These include that practical activities and concrete tasks in particularly in form of comprehensive projects together with constant support from facilitator are the most effective tools to develop and change the attitude of the participants. Moreover, themes for nonformal learning which are most relevant for the target group were drawn as result of research.

Topics for modules on the training were developed based on:

– results of workshops and interviews with immigrant women in context of WeCan IO1 activities

– the European model for entrepreneurial attitude

– findings from the previous project of the partnership (igma femina, ARISE, SEESI, ARIVE)

The aim of the training materials is to develop entrepreneurial attitude, soft skills and initiative for immigrant women. The materials where developed including theoretical information and practical exercises. It is recommended to work with the training materials under the guidance of facilitators. The material was made flexible and many exercises are possible to undergo digitally as well.

1. Challenge Tackled

  • Unemployment immigrant women, integration of new arrived.

2. Target group, beneficiaries or clients

      • Immigrant/refugee women (including low-skilled, newly arrived, with special needs);
      • Business agencies and stakeholder organizations (women and/or immigrant NGOs, business consultancies, start-up agencies, entrepreneurship centers, etc.)

3. Solution

  •    Training women’s attitudes ad competences with help of the course.

4. Innovation

  •   Business training for newly arrived women (immigrants).

5. Unique Selling Point

      •    Entrepreneurial attitudes and mind-sets.

6. Impact

  •    Inclusion, integration, support, better chances.

7. Feasibility/Transferability

  • Possibility to use in Folkuniversitetet with students;
  • Opportunity to implement to municipalities and/or regional authorities.

website: https://wecan.projectlibrary.eu/


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